There is never an everlasting party–Peter

318 It has ended?

I felt I have just landed in Bulgaria the day before yesterday. And yesterday I fell in love with Bulgaria. This morning when I woke up, it was a strange feeling similar to the one I felt when I was leaving for America the first time. Outside of the window of the airport, Vitosha Mountain was waving me goodbye.

This trip as exceeded my expectation in any aspect. Everything is just interlocked pieces of treasure that will stay in my mind. The trip wouldn’t be possibly this enjoyable without the preparation not only on the side-leaders but most importantly the dedication of Bulgarian Food Bank staff. Teddy, Tsanka, Maria, Dani, Peppi, Plam, and all of the other who has helped us in any way: Photographer, volunteers at the food drive, and everyone of yall who came along with me. From not knowing where Bulgaria is before the trip to getting a much better understanding of t260he country, this has been hell of a ride.

Transferred from the Alaska trip, I was originally not supposed to be on this trip, but due to chance I was able to have a great experience in Bulgaria. Having never been to Europe, the social culture just struck me on the first few days as being extremely relaxed and open. Day to day conversation happens in between strangers and could develop into meaningful friendships. Everyone is a legend in Bulgaria. From French legend who was a general in Thailand and speaks more proper Chinese than I do to traveler from Britain who bought a house in Sofia for 1500 lev in Ebay, everyday here is filled with interesting stories. With low prices in Sofia, we were also able to enjoy all kinds of delicacies in Bulgaria no matter its clay pots, white cheese, or the not so tasty rye drink that we tried at the bread store (and apparently that is very popular).

Other than the not-so-serious business, the volunteer activity at the food bank has been carefully prepared with a variety of activities. My favorite is still the main event: the food drive. First time interacting with the Bulgarian public (customer donors and volunteers) on a large scale is satisfying in the sense that it allows me to form my own judgment based on observation.

The trip has been full of surprises, and I am looking forward to the post trip activities.


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