Day 1 of Why we are Here.

The last couple of days have been busy and more than a little exhausting. Yesterday, we prepared supplies for the food drive itself in the warehouse, after cleaning the day before. It was actually kind of a reality check for me to be preparing for the other volunteers. Looking at names and making name tags and packages for them made me remember why we are here and that it has been so quickly upon us. 

After a long day in the warehouse, we headed back and tried to get to bed early for the day ahead.
This morning we woke up bright (some more than others) and early, ready to start the day ahead. We went over to our respective stores after having split up into teams of three to get going. I was with Tedi at a Fantastiko grocery store in a large residential area. Getting there was a little crowded with Amber and me in the back with the boxes. I’ve been learning again and again that I can fall asleep basically anywhere, even in the back seat of a compact car with a cardboard blanket going up to my chin.

The drive itself was incredibly satisfying. Even though our work was mostly sorting and documenting what was brought to us, it felt like a huge accomplishment when someone would come up with a bag of pasta or lentils or a whole bag full of dry goods for us. I loved watching families with young children participate and the personalities that came out when people donated food. I felt like many people gave as much as they could and were proud to be a part of helping other people in any way. Tomorrow we continue with the second day of the food drive.

Cart full of some typical donated items.

As a reminder of how lucky we are to be in this absolutely beautiful city, here are some photos that I took on the wall back from the metro station after the food drive.

Mosque over Roman ruins


You can see Vitosha mountain from almost anywhere in the city.


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