Good Thoughts, Better Work

A fresh day in Sofia started with fresh chilly air, freshly made pan cakes and busy traffic. The packed bus reminded me of China, when I squeezed myself in the underground to school every morning. Well, it was a little bit exaggerated. Buses in Sofia were actually very convenient and certainly not painful to take.

We got to the warehouse on time. Dani greeted us there. After our work on Wednesday, which didn’t turn out to be very efficient, we told our reflections to Tedi. We asked for overall goals and expectation of the tasks in addition to detailed instructions so that we could anticipate what challenges to meet. Also, we suggested that we could use laptops to help record the information of the food items, which could prevent redundant work. I was very impressed that BFB staffs took our reflection seriously. Dani told us that our task was to sort all the pasta by expiration dates and LOT numbers. And he suggested that we could use boxes with different labels to sort. This was a good suggestion and made our work easier and faster and the records more accurate. The use of laptops was also a great help.

Even though we did a good job in the warehouse today. I still think there could have been a better way to sort the food items. It took us about 5 hours to sort the tens of boxes of pasta. Considering that BFB would expand and receive more donations in the future, a more efficient way is certainly needed, such as barcode scanners and more powerful softwares.

I’m very glad to see the huge improvement the team have made after the first day of work in the warehouse. I start to see the value and power of reflection.

P.S. Tomorrow is the hiking day- we are going to the Vitosha mountain! Woo-hoo [cheer][lol]



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